Welcome to Austin Kids Teeth

We are your pediatric dental home in south Austin!

Oral health is an important part of your child’s overall wellbeing, and we provide individualized treatment plans for all of our young patients. Our conservative approach means that we focus on preventing dental problems, keeping your kids’ teeth safe from cavities and dental decay.

Drs. Babot, Fuselier, Johnson, and Carr, along with our team of dental hygienists, specialize in dental care for children, including cleanings and preventive care, pediatric sedation, and emergency dental care. We also use a resin infiltration system called ICON and silver diamine fluoride (SDF), two relatively new procedures that can prevent or delay fillings.

We provide specialized education and treatment plans for our patients, including their parents, so that good oral hygiene and dental care continues at home. We get to know each of our patients on an individual level so that we can provide the very best possible care for each dental situation, including special needs children and their families.

Austin Kids Teeth is a safe and comfortable environment for kids to undergo dental procedures. We build trust between our patients and our team, along with parents, to ensure the best possible dental care. We gladly allow parents to accompany their children throughout their services in our office. As a testament to our friendly and relaxing environment, our staff members stay with us for years, because they love the work they do and the place where they do it.

We are proud to provide thorough, quality care for your children’s teeth.