Orthodontist in Austin TX

Ever wondered what happens at your first orthodontic appointment? We want you to feel as prepared as possible for the initial consultation, which is why we've prepared this detailed guide on what you can expect at your first orthodontist appointment for yourself or your child.


  • X-rays/photos: First, we'll take photographs of your face and teeth to help us assess your facial profile, lips position, and facial symmetry and determine how to best improve your smile. We'll also take digital X-rays of your teeth to identify any internal problems with the jaw structure or tooth decay we'll need to address before moving forward.
  • Scan: Using a state-of-the-art iTero scanner, we will create an image of your teeth that can be viewed and manipulated on a big screen that will allow you to see what your teeth currently look like in addition to what they can look like post orthodontic treatment. 
  • Exam: We will then give you a thorough examination to assess your teeth and gum health. We'll ask you to bite down to observe how the top and bottom teeth fit together. In addition, we will identify any excessive wear on the teeth, any jaw alignment irregularities, and any TMJ (jaw joint) function issues.
  • Discussion: Once we have completed the exam and have a full set of records, our orthodontist will discuss if orthodontic intervention is needed and, if so, will provide a plan on how to accomplish a beautiful smile and functional chewing. This is a good time for you to raise any concerns – it's a good idea to prepare a list of questions you have in mind before this appointment so that you don't miss anything.  
  • Customized treatment plan: Our team will work with you to determine what type of orthodontic treatment suits your budget, lifestyle, and the specific needs of your teeth. We'll be able to determine the cost and length of time of treatment depending on your orthodontic needs and insurance or other financial considerations.


And that's it! As you can see, it's an easy, pain-free appointment that's all about getting to know you and your teeth and mouth so we can diagnose the right treatment for you or when you may be ready to start treatment.  


How Long Does The First Orthodontic Appointment Take?


The first appointment for braces takes around one hour per child. If you’re planning on scheduling the initial appointment for multiple children or also yourself, be sure to plan for at least a couple of hours to complete both appointments. 


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