Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Austin TX

Any mention of lasers gives many people the mental image of a futuristic landscape years down the road. As a result, many are surprised to learn that lasers are common in the medical field today, including dentistry! A CO2 laser used in dentistry can serve two functions: to remove soft tissue or hard tissue. This means they can be used to remove unwanted tissue- for example a frenectomy or excess tissue over the top of a molar. They can also be used to replace the drill and anesthetic. Laser cavity fillings use the newest technology to treat cavities in a less painful and intimidating way. Laser dental treatments provide many benefits over traditional methods, which is why the dentists at our offices in Austin, Buda and Dripping Springs offer this state-of-the-art technology in the most comfortable setting for your children.


Why Use Dental Laser Treatment?

Pediatric Laser dentistry offers more precision, less pain, and often a shorter recovery time than traditional dental treatments. Lasers can also treat a wide variety of dental conditions, especially when a Solea laser is used, which works on both hard and soft tissue. 

Some soft tissue treatments include reshaping gums, treating a thick or tight tongue frenulum, and removing excess soft tissue.


How Are Laser Dentistry Treatments Performed?

Dental lasers emit a wavelength that is similar to a radio wave to produce a highly precise beam that can vaporize hard or soft tissue on contact. Your dentist will use these precise beams to remove unhealthy or excessive gum tissue, reshape and prepare teeth for further dental work, or for any number of other laser dentistry procedures.

The processes are usually quick, and you are unlikely to feel anything beyond an occasional cooling or warm sensation depending upon the type of tissue the laser is used on.

Some people feel understandably wary about any process that involves new technology like laser dentistry, but dental lasers are even safe enough to be used on pregnant women who need teeth restorations.


Why Would a Dentist use a Laser over Traditional methods?

Although the machine used for laser cavity fillings may look large and intimidating to children, this machine is significantly quieter than traditional drills which may help some kids feel less nervous during the procedure. Laser cavity removal typically does not require numbing agents or anesthesia, which can be a major benefit for those who are nervous about shots. The CO2 laser produces undetectable vibrations that deactivate the local nerves that produce pain, so most people don't feel anything more than a cooling sensation during and after the filling.

On top of these benefits, laser procedures produce much less bleeding than traditional methods. Any contact with soft tissue by the laser is immediately clogged, and this can sharply reduce the amount of recovery time and pain a patient feels afterward.


Is Laser Dentistry Safe for Kids?

Laser dentistry is very safe for kids, and many kids benefit greatly from this technology. This is especially true if they struggle with the shots, numbing sensations, and bleeding that often accompanies traditional methods. Drill-free dentistry does require a bit more stillness than other methods, so it may be less suited for kids who have trouble sitting still for minutes at a time.


What is the Cost of Laser Cavity Filling?

Like any medical or dental procedure, the cost of laser treatment for cavities varies based on numerous factors. One of the most important considerations is the insurance you carry, but insurance agencies often calculate reimbursement rates based on the overall cost of the treatment, not based on which specific method is used. As a result, some may find that laser cavity fillings and other laser procedures may cost less overall, as they may require fewer visits to complete treatment.

As always, it is best to ask about your insurance policies before undergoing any procedure, but at our three office locations, we have a full-time insurance coordinator that will help you understand your benefits.


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