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With Austin Kids Teeth's experienced and knowledgeable dentists on staff, pediatric dental emergencies can be promptly and effectively addressed, avoiding major complications.

Dental injuries happen to kids frequently as they grow up and experience the world. Kids may chip or loosen a tooth while they are learning to walk, roughhousing with a sibling, or playing contact sports, but dental injuries don't have to turn into a major fiasco thanks to pediatric emergency dentistry if you have a trusted pediatric dentist on call. Austin Kids Teeth has multiple experienced and knowledgeable dentists on staff, and we can help your child with pediatric dental emergencies.

Emergency Dental FAQ

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When your child experiences a dental emergency and has an urgent need to see a pediatric dentist it can be a jarring experience for the child and the parent. Fortunately, you can rely on Austin Kids Teeth when a dental emergency occurs. If it’s during business hours, we will likely have you take a picture and text it to us. If it’s after hours, listen to the phone message and we will provide you a number to call to get you in touch with our office, or a trusted pediatric dental urgent care partner to see your child as soon as possible. It’s helpful to have a pen and paper on hand to write down the name and number of the doctor on call.

If your child experiences a dental emergency, contact Austin Kids Teeth, or schedule a regular dental exam for your child. If you are certain you won't need to go to the ER but would like an informal assessment, you can take a picture of the affected area with your phone and text it to our office using the same phone number 512-288-0522.