Sodium Diamine Fluoride

This new solution can be applied to certain cavities to help delay the need for fillings and is also good for protecting hypersensitive teeth.

We are proud to be an early adopter of sodium diamine fluoride (SDF) treatment in Austin! SDF treatment includes dabbing a small amount of the liquid directly onto a dry tooth and then allowing it to dry. It’s as easy as that! We use SDF to avoid general anaesthesia or sedation, to stay away from treating a tooth nearing the time it would be naturally lost, or to avoid placing a stainless-steel crown on a tooth that has poorly formed enamel. SDF is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to placing a filling, and can delay the need for a filling, which makes it a great option for young children who may not be ready to sit through a filling placement. While there are some cosmetic side effects, they are generally painless, and many parents choose SDF treatment to delay or replace cavity fillings in their children. It does require careful evaluation and selection as SDF is not effective for every type of cavity, but our doctors can advise you if necessary.