Pediatric Dental Cleaning for Children with Special Needs

Every child deserves excellent dental care. If your child has special needs, you know that it's not easy to find the right dentist who can handle your situation. The dentists and staff at Austin Kids Teeth have experience caring for the dental needs of children and young adults with special needs. We are a caring group, and we want to make sure your child can get the pediatric dental cleaning and care he or she needs.


What Is Special Needs Dentistry?

Special needs dentistry is simply dentistry for those with special needs. There are as many ways to treat children with special needs. Each human being is different, so we look at the big picture and adjust our dental approach to each child's needs.


Who Can Benefit from Special Needs Dentistry?

We have experience helping children and young adults with all sorts of different medical and mental situations. We understand that Autism is indeed a spectrum and that some children (even without a specific diagnosis) just need a little extra TLC. Even if your child seems to have no problems other than going to the dentist, he or she can benefit from our experience. Sometimes serious medical situations take the spotlight for a child's first years of life, and dental care gets pushed back on the priority list. We understand. We will help you and your child get back on the right track.


What types of special needs cases do you treat?

We are equipped to handle all manners of special needs. If your child has a life-threatening diagnosis, we can always call your primary care or specialist doctors before your visit to ensure no surprises.


What's the Best Way to Choose a Special Needs Pediatric Dentist?

We recommend you ask several sources for a recommendation. Many parents of children with special needs belong to support groups or have trusted health care providers. Reach out to them for advice. If you are unsure if your child will fit into our practice, please give us a call. We can answer your questions, and you can speak to a dentist before the appointment.


What Can You Expect at a Special Needs Dental Appointment?

At Austin Kids Teeth, you can expect high-quality, compassionate dental care, no matter if your child has special needs or not. We know that going to the dentist can be stressful for your child. We will work with you to do anything to make your dental visit go more smoothly. When you call to make an appointment, please let the scheduler know if you have any requests or ideas that may help your child feel more comfortable. For example, we can offer:

  • a quiet room
  • a room with a door to keep your little one from escaping
  • relaxing music
  • sedation dentistry

Before the appointment, we will evaluate your child based on their diagnosis and needs. Then, we can care for their teeth accordingly. We try to determine the best way to help your child have a good attitude about coming to the dentist. During the visit, we will discuss a long term dental plan with you, the parent. Sometimes, this plan will include a "wait and watch" attitude. It may also require sedation dentistry. If you have any questions or concerns about sedation dentistry, please read more about it on our website. You can also contact us at one of our three locations. We'll be happy to answer your questions.


Many parents are worried about visiting the dentist for their special needs child. It is common to believe that your child will be too frightened to cooperate. You may also worry that your child will scream and be disruptive to other children. We want you to know that your child is our number one concern. We don't want to have any child scared enough to cry, but it does happen, and it's nothing we haven't seen before!


Why Choose Austin Kids Teeth as Your Home for Special Needs PediatricDentistry?

As pediatric dentists, we spend a great deal of our specialty training working with children with serious medical conditions. Because of our training, we are experienced in consulting with your child's medical doctor. We will take the extra time needed to make sure we are providing the best possible care for your child.


We are available to talk on the phone or communicate via email if you have concerns before or after your visit. Schedule an appointment online, or give us a call at one of our three locations.