Resin Infiltration

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ICON resin infiltration offers a reliable solution for discolorations like white or yellow spots on teeth, providing long-term color correction and restoring the natural appearance of your child's smile without the need for invasive procedures like veneers or fillings.

White teeth can be a sign of excellent dental health, and a dazzling white smile is highly sought after, so people often do whatever they can to keep their smile as bright as possible. Discolorations like white or yellow spots can form on the teeth either due to poor brushing or developmental disturbances during tooth formation that cannot be controlled (almost like a birthmark). These discolorations can be unsightly and cause individuals to suffer from poor self-esteem, and cause embarrassment so severe that it affects their willingness to smile. Placing veneers or fillings is not an alternative for many people either due to the cost or the idea of having a tooth unnecessarily drilled and weakened.

This is where ICON resin infiltration comes in. Resin infiltration is a long-term color-correcting solution that greatly reduces the appearance of these pesky unsightly spots, restoring the natural color of your child’s smile.

Resin Infiltration FAQ

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Resin infiltration is an effective treatment for tooth discoloration without the invasiveness or cost of fillings and veneers. It's safe, effective, requires no anesthetic or drilling, and is suitable for children of all ages. If your child has white spots in their teeth or early signs of decay, please contact one of our pediatric dental offices in Austin, Buda, Bastrop, or Dripping Springs, TX today! We will examine their teeth to determine if they would benefit from ICON resin infiltration.