Resin Infiltration

Resin infiltration is a new way of protecting cavity-prone areas between the teeth. Almost like a sealant in the place where we previously could not reach. It has also been shown to remove unsightly white spots.

Our pediatric dental practices use a resin infiltration system called ICON that helps to remove white stains on teeth and can delay the need for a filling due to tooth decay. White spots can either occur because of abnormal enamel development (almost like a birth mark on your tooth) or can appear later as the result of a process called demineralization. Demineralization occurs when bacteria emit acids that leach out the calcium and phosphate of the tooth enamel (also known as white lesion- it is the first stage of getting a cavity. This often occurs during orthodontic treatment when the patient was unable to keep the area around the brackets free of these acid-producing bacteria. The ICON procedure includes treating the stained area with a strong acid which helps prepare the tooth to receive the resin which is then able to infiltrate the tooth, improving the tooth’s strength and delaying or stopping the growth of a possible cavity, while improving the look of the tooth. Resin infiltration can also be used on small cavities found in between the teeth.